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  • How can I unsubscribe the newsletter?

    If you don’t want any updates about our upcoming events with related packages you can unsubscribe our newsletter by clicking on ‘unsubscribe’ in one of our newsletters. You can also inform us about your wish by emailing us at info@tunedhospitality.nl. If you send us an email, we will unsubscribe you from our mailing list.

  • How can I stay updated about the VIP packages from Tuned Hospitality?

    You can subscribe yourself to our newsletter, Staytuned. If you subscribe, you can regularly expect mailings with the current offer of VIP packages at that moment. Besides the newsletter you can stay updated by taking a look on our website once in a while.

  • Can I cancel the package I have bought?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to cancel packages which are already purchased and we can not make any refunds. Unless the concert is cancelled or moved to another date. This policy is part of our General Conditions and the Gerenal Conditions for Admission Tickets of the organizer of the concert. At moment of purchase, you have to agree with these conditions to confirm your reservation.

  • What means early access at an Early Entry package?

    With an early access which is always included in an Ealry Entry ticket, you can enter the area before visitors with a regular ticket. If you make use of the benefits of your early access, you have the best chance to join the concert on the first row. Please note that follow the time schedule for the early access, which will be communicated to you 1 – 2 weeks prior to the show. If you don’t show up on time, you may miss the early acces. After opening doors for visitors with a regular ticket, we can not give you an early acces and guarantee to stay at the first row.

    Also, please note that at most concerts there is not a separate area in the front of the stage for visitors with an Early Entry ticket. After opening regular doors, people with a regular ticket will join the same pitch as visitors with an Early Entry ticket.

  • How can I change my contact details?

    We would like to keep your contact details updated in our system. Please let us know by email if any of your contact details such as your address or email address have changed. Or you can fill in our contact form at the website. If you have made an online reservation, please inform the online ticket purchaser about the change in your contact details or you can change them yourself in your online account. (For example when you bought your ticket at Ticketmaster, Eventim or Paylogic)

  • Can I meet an artist?

    Only at packages which include a Meet & Greet we guarantee you that you will meet your idol. At all of your other packages you can not meet the artist. In the description of the package you can find if a Meet & Greet is included. The description of the package is leading. If there is nothing in the description about meeting the artist or anything related, you can not meet your artist nor give any presents.

  • Can I take my (photo) camera to the concert/event?

    It is not allowed to bring any professional (photo) camera equipment with you during a concert or event. However, you can bring an unprofessional (digital) camera to the concert of make photos with you smartphone if the artist approves this. If the band/artist does not allow their visitors to take any pictures, please do respect their wishes.

  • What is the first pitch during a concert?

    At some concerts, the organisation decides to build a first pitch because of safety reasons. This pitch allowes a predetermined amount of people and causes the crowd to divide over the area. If this pitch is full, you can not enter this pitch. At some concerts you will receive a wristband which will give you guaranteed access to this pitch. Without a needed wristband you will not get access to this pitch.

    Please note: the first pitch is not a separate area for guests with an Early Entry ticket. A part of the visitors which have waited for hours to see their idol can enter this pitch as well. However, if you received the needed wristband you can always enter the pitch. In the description of the package you can read if there is a first pitch and if you have access to this pitch.

  • I have specific dietary requirements, would this be a problem?

    If you are a vegetarian, have allergies or other specific dieraty requirements you could inform us at least 5 working days prior to the show. Please inform us by email: info@tunedhospitality.nl or fill in our contact form at the website. When we received your specific wish, we will make sure an alternative will be served.

  • Where is my seat during the concert?

    In the description of the package, you can find the place of your seat during the concert. You can find a map of the concert via the official ticket vendor or the location of the event. If you have specific questions regarding your seat, please contact us.

  • Is a parking ticket included?

    If a parking ticket is included in the package you are interested in, please check the description of the package. If the description don’t mention a parking ticket, then a parking ticket is not included.
    If a parking ticket is mentioned in the description, 1 parking ticket per 2 perosons will be emitted. Depending on the package and location of the concert a parking ticket will be sent to you prior to the show or our hostessess hand over your parking ticket at the entrance of the concert.

    If you want to receive more parking tickets than what is included in your packge, please let us know prior to the show. Depending on availability you can buy the extra parking tickets. You can send your request for the extra parking tickets via info@tunedhospitality.nl or you can fill in the contact form on our website.


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    Timings for parking:

    With the parking ticket which is included in your package, you can enter the parking lot from 4 hours before the main act of the concert starts. For example, when the main artist starts at 20.00 hours, you can enter the parking lot from 16.00 hours.

    You can not park your car overnight. The parking ticket is valid untill a few hours after the show.

  • Can I make an extra reservation?

    It is possible to book an extra package besides the package you have already bought, depending on availability. If you have booked extra packages we always try to place you as a group togheter, if possible. You can always send us a request by email: info@tunedhospitality.nl or you can fill in our contact form on our website. Depending on availability we can discuss the possibilities.

  • How do I receive my package?

    How you receive all belongings depends on the package you have bought. See below for different packages:


    VIP, Dinner, Drinks or Business Seat package:

    If your address is in the Netherlands and you have bought a VIP-package, dinner package, drinks package or Business Seat package, you receive your belongings 1 – 2 weeks prior to the show by post. If you have a foreign address, you receive additional information 1 – 2 weeks prior to the show and your belongings of the package are ready to pick up at the location on the day of the show.


    Loge package:

    If you have bought a loge package for concerts at the AFAS Live, you receive the practical information for this concert 1 – 2 weeks prior to the show. Please read this document carefully and respond to us with addiotional information if asked. You receive your entrance ticket when entering the AFAS Live.


    Fan packages:

    If you have bought a fan package (for example: Hot Ticket, Early Entry, Meet and Greet or Soundcheck package) you receive an e-ticket at moment of purchase. You can download this ticket in your account or via the email you receive afther the purchase was successfull. 1 – 2 weeks prior to the show you will receive additional information for your package from us by email.

  • Payment options

    The payment option of your package depens on your reservation.De manieren van betalen zijn afhankelijk van de door u gekozen manier van reserveren.


    Payment at online reservation:

    If you have bought your package online at the official ticket vendor, payment options depend on the options the ticket vendor offers. For example: If you book your tickets online at Ticketmaster, you can fullfill your purchase with iDEAL, creditcard (Masterdcard/VISA/American Express), Sofort berweisung, eMaestro, Ticketmaster Gift Card or Klarna.

    Payment at office reservation:

    According to your confirmed reservation we will send you a digital invoice and further information about payment.

  • How can I make a reservation?

    If possible, you can book our packages directly online. If not, we can make a reservation for you.


    Online reservation:

    You can book all our packages directly online by clicking on “Book now”. After that you ar redirected to the official ticket vendor of the event. For purchasing the tickets online you will be asked to log in into your account or make a new account. This will be neccessarry to buy your tickets online.
    After purchase you receive a digital confirmation.


    Office reservation:

    It is possible to book some of our packages via our office by reservations from 9 persons. You can send your request to info@tunedhospitality.nl citing the artist, requested package, date and number of persons. To make a reservation we also need your contact details. In response to your request we make a reservation and send you an option confirmation. This option is valid untill 1 week after sending the option confirmation. To confirm the reservation we aks you to send us the signed option confirmation. After confirmation you will receive the invoice for your reservation.


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